MBO was a German machine manufacturer who has specialized in print finishing with folding machines. Early in 2020, the MBO Group has become part of the Komori Group.

Founded in 1965 by Heinz Binder as a production company for the aerospace industry. After continuous development, the first MBO combi folding machine was built in series in 1967.

With its innovations, MBO is today worldwide leading manufacturer of folding and thread sealing machines. In 2013, MBO introduced the M80 which is the most modern and most forward-looking folding machine on the market until today. It combines a buckle folding and a combination folding machine.



M80K8B 26T 460
K 530B 30T 535
K 660T 700
K 760T 800
T 960
T 1020
T 1120
T 1420

An essential factor for the efficiency of folding is not alone the machine. To make the process as best as possible, the modules need to be integrated seamlessly. MBO provides a wide range of deliveries and peripherals.


SE 460The SE 460 is a stream delivery for the small T 460 folding machine. The display is reduced to the essentials and therefore very convenient and low priced.
A 56/76A mobile flexible delivery that can be used thanks to its space-saving design at each folding unit.
A 540/640This delivery has been developed for small to medium sized runs. It is mobile, height-adjustable and offers two working widths. The delivery is extremely convertible, and in spite of its compact design, it does have a high capacity.
TA 112TA 112 is a mobile table delivery with collecting unit. The standard is designed for two repeats. The vertical sheet adjustment allows high capacity.
SAP 46 LThe SAP 46 L is a vertical stack delivery with press for long runs. The print marks remain always visible for the operator, as the sheet stand with the back to the top in the delivery. This achieves a high capacity.
KAS 30 METhe KAS 30 ME delivery is designed for small print formats such as package leaflets. The special technology of the small-format delivery prevents feathering of the products, thus ensuring a trouble-free production.
FA 46/66/82 MEHigh ease of use and efficient workflow are featured of this height-adjustable vertical stack delivery. With press this is a good choice for the further processing of insensitive and stable products in long runs.
ASP 66-2 ME / 82-2 ME / 66 L-2 MEMobile and adjustable stream delivery with integrated press, ideal for small to medium runs. The MBO ASP-deliveries are handy, simple, clear, and can be switched quickly and conveniently. They are perfect for the use with fully automated folding machines where the position of the delivery has to be changed quite often.
SBAP 46 / 72 / 82 METhe mobile SBAP horizontal stack deliveries can be installed for single or for multiple repeat production, depending on the width. They are ideal for high volumes. The space-saving arrangement in which the sheets are on the back allows, compared to stream deliveries, a significantly higher capacity and ensures that even unstable products with the SBAP-deliveries may be processed well.


P 46/66/76/112The mobile press stations P 46/66/76/112 are basically add-ons for deliveries without integrated press. In addition, they are used for special applications in complex systems in which the sheets must be pressed in between. By the self-control the MBO press stations can also be used on older or foreign machines, too.
ET 46/52The mobile conveyor tables ET 46 and ET ​​52 meet various applications. Since the ET 46 can pivot through 180°, it is suitable for both left- and right-hand machines.

The adjustment guide of the ET 46 is equipped with ball bar for standard products, for strong products are recommended conical rollers which are optionally available. Stronger materials require conical rolls which are available as add-on. In combination with a mobile folding knife unit and a combi folding machine, these conveyor tables can produce parallel folds for cross folds or three folds or a closed gatefold buckle. In combination with stitching machines, they can produce a parallel fold to the spine.

Z 2/5/6The mobile folding knife units Z2 and Z5 with MC control are rotatable by 180 degrees and allow the folding from above or from below. They can be used for different purposes. The Z5 has a side fine-adjustment of the whole knife unit and the inlet height adjustment is made by hand wheel. Due to the larger inlet width and length of the Z 5 larger formats can be processed with it – especially as to buckle folding II or large combi folding machines as folding IV more applications are possible.

The machine concepts of MBO are designed for absolute process safety, reliability, and durability. MBO provides a nationwide network of distributors for customer service and technical support. Each of them grant a quick repair and spare part service, executed by highly trained technicians.