Müller Martini is a Swiss company which specialized on prepress and postpress processes. Founded in 1955 in Zofingen/Switzerland, as Grapha Maschinenfabrik Hans Müller AG, the company sold its first folder gluer RB II to Germany in 1956.

In the course of time, Müller Martini developed into a specialist for the digitization of production processes and in the communications sector of the printing industry. Thanks to flexible, economical solutions for all stages of the print processing, Müller Martini is an internationally recognized producer of finishing machines.

Müller Martini offers a wide product range of web offset machines, commercial print, packaging printing, wire stitching machines, cutting machines, folder gluers and sewing machines. Additionally, Müller Martini offers a comprehensive workflow system named CONNEX

In view of this large selection of products, Aribas Printing Machines has specialized on the trade of the following finishing/post press machines:



Müller-Martini is known for its automated stitching machines.A pioneer in the industry Müller-Martini provides a high standard of efficiency and quality.

Presto IIThe stitching machine Presto II is an evolution of the popular entry-level Presto. Thanks to the high degree of automation, the machine reaches a speed of up to 9,000 cycles per hour with 6 stitching heads. Fast set-up times are achieved by the modern servo drive.
PrimeraThe Primera is an efficient stitching machine for the medium performance range.Thanks to the various configuration options the Primera offers an optimal usage for individual customer requirements and ensures that the machine is prepared for future market needs.
Primera 160Primera 160 consists of a clear installation programme and runs with a speed of maximum 16.000 tacts per hour. It can be seen as big brother of the Primera and is the most efficient stitching machine in the medium performance class.
Tempo E220The field tested Tempo E220 has been developed for the multi-shift operation and a clearly arranged control unit provides the ability to easily reach the maximum production speed.To ensure continuous running time and to keep downtime as short as possible by failures, the service MMRemote is offered that allows online connection of Tempo E220.
SupraThe stitching machine Supra is the largest and most powerful machine of its class in the Muller Martini fleet. With the right feeder, you can achieve up to 30.000 cycles per hour. Millions of orders can be executed with ease. Your competitiveness rises.


The folder glue systems of Müller-Martini are suitable for small as well as for large runs.Again, profit efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the glue binder by the advanced automation.

Amigo PlusThe Amigo Plus is suitable for entry into the folder gluing business.The control panel is designed for a short learning curve and ease of use.
PenteraEquipped with the automatic system AMRYS Pentera is designed for small to medium runs.In addition to the conventional Hotmelting bond, it can be used in the PUR Binding.
Acoro A5With a rate of up to 5,000 cycles / h and a high level of automation the Müller-Martini Acoro A5 is one of the glue binders in small-to-medium performance range.
Acoro A7With a rate of up to 7,000 cycles / h Müller- Martini Acoro A7 is the big brother of Acoro A5 and thus belongs to the glue binders in the medium performance range.
AlegroThe Alegro is designed by its rigid construction for maximum precision. The Motion Control Technology allows high flexibility through stations with single drive.
BoleroDue to a large size range and high cycle rate the Bolero glue binder is the ideal companion in the medium performance range and for sophisticated products. The glue binder combines all modern gluing methods. One-shot, two-shot hot melt, cold glue, primer two-shot binding methods or PUR.
CoronaCorona is the high-performance binder from Müller-Martini series. Due to the high efficiency with a speed of 18,000 cycles / h combined with the economy, reliability and automation the corona is a safe investment for the future.
CoronaCompactThe CoronaCompact is the small version of Corona. It has a lower cycle rate than the Corona, but it is characterized by a space-saving design and a lower purchase price.


In addition to the main product ranges in the stitching machines and folder gluers, which can also be found in our product range, Müller-Martini offers other machines to perfect the product.

Sewing machinesGathering machinesCutting machines
Ventura MCZTM 1571Three knife trimmer Esprit
VenturaConnectZTM 1574Three knife trimmer Merit S
ZTM 3693Three knife trimmerOrbit
ZTM 3694Three knife trimmerSolit
ZTM 3696Three knife trimmer Frontero
ZTM 3697

Müller-Martini allows the automation to counteract the pressure of time and to maintain its qualityThanks to flexible digital networked machines, the different working steps can be quickly and clearly combined.