Follow-up Order: South Island Paper Cups & Printing


In 2014, the Kuala Lumpur-based print shop ordered a used manroland 705 +LV from Aribas Printing Machinery. The press was previously in operation in Switzerland. As the customer was extremely satisfied with the condition of the used press and the service provided, and as his print volume increased continuously, a follow-up order was placed.

This time, the customer had to wait almost eight months since the one hand, there was no matching machine on the market, on the other hand, the desired machine finally found in Sweden was involved in a complex project. To trigger the delivery of the desired machine, two eight-color machines had to be taken over and a KBA Rapida 105-6 + L with UV had to be delivered.

By bundling forces of various partners of Aribas Printing Machinery GmbH in Asia and Scandinavia this project could be realized. The machine was taken into operation in Malaysia in January 2015.

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